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Build Your Own Wooden Swing Set: Step One

Whether you're looking for a compact wooden swing set or a larger set for a more spacious area, Creative Playthings has the perfect swing set solution for you! Just follow the three easy steps below to create your own Creative Playthings Wooden Swing Set. While our swing sets come loaded with lots of standard features, you may also add any swing set accessory you'd like! "Design Flexibility" is a signature Creative Playthings advantage over other manufacturers' play sets!

Step 1: First, Choose Your Type of Wood

Special Pine™

Creative Playthings #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine swing sets are carefully impregnated with Special Pine™ the most modern wood treatment available. Special Pine™ contains no arsenic or chromium. After treatment, this premium grade Southern Yellow Pine is carefully kiln dried in our own facilities to insure a level of quality exclusive to Creative Playthings. Each piece is finished with our custom water-repellant finish. Special Pine™ systems have durable 4" x 4" end ladders and double thick top ladder rails. All Special Pine™ wood components come with the Creative Playthings 15-year Limited Warranty.


100% natural and chemical free. Naturaline™ swing sets feature 100% chemical free woods, smoothly sanded and stained with our custom water repellent finish. In addition to all the standard construction and safety features, these swing sets also incorporate our heaviest construction features including 4" x 4" End Ladders and double thick Top Ladder Rails. We back our Naturaline™ wooden swing set components with the Creative Playthings Limited Lifetime Warranty.