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Design Flexibility Means Countless Configurations!

Since no two families are exactly the same, every Creative Playthings Premium Pine™ Swing Set has been designed to be completely modular, ensuring our customers are able to construct their ideal Swing Set à la carte! Let's go through the process of what goes into every Premium Pine™ Swing Set!

Design Flexibility Options

1.) Start with the Gym!

The "Gym" is the central component of every Swing Set. This two story play tower comes complete with an Access Ladder and Slide. It is where accessories like Rock Climbing Walls and additional Play Decks will attach.

If you aren't interested in adding swings, every Gym can be purchased as a stand alone play structure.

2.) Add a Swing Module!

No matter which you choose, any of our Swing Modules will transform any Creative Playthings Gym into a "Swing Set"!

Every Swing Module includes the following: (2) Sling Swings, (1) Ring Trapeze & (1) Back-to-Back Glider.

3.) Add Your Accessories!

After you have selected your Gym and Swing Module is really when our concept of "Countless Configurations" comes into play!

Do you want a Clubhouse or a Picnic Table? A Rock Wall or an extra Slide? Two extra slides? Three? These are the choices that are almost as fun to make as the set will be to play on!

What A Difference

Both of these fantastic Swing Sets started with the same Lexington Gym, but look how different they turned out! There is a perfect Swing Set for every family, and that is the beauty of modularity!

Combo Set Pic

The Creative Process goes on and on...

If you are looking for an even bigger Swing Set, you may be interested in one of our massive Combination Sets.

Every "Combo Set" is comprised of two separate Gyms connected using a Crawl Tube or Connecting Bridge. The results are endlessly diverse and more than often, breath taking!

Play Zone Pic

Picture Your New Swing Set in a Play Zone!

Finally, no matter what your Swing Set looks like, it always looks better in a Play Zone!

We can design a custom Play Zone to fit any Creative Playthings Swing Set you can possibly imagine, using borders, rubber or wood mulch, felt and 1" thick rubber wear pads for every swing or slide (to help prevent displacement of mulch).