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President & CEO's Welcome to Creative Playthings

Don Hoffman - President & CEO

Here at Creative Playthings, we've been building wooden swing sets and swing set accessories since 1951, and I'm delighted to say that the products you'll find here on our website are our best ever.

Once again, we've combined the finest materials, the highest quality components, and expert craftsmanship to offer you and your children years and years of active backyard play and outdoor family fun.

Introducing exercise to kids just comes naturally to us at Creative Playthings. What's more, our wooden swing sets develop imagination and self-confidence as surely as they develop balance, strength, and coordination. It's thinking like this that has made Creative Playthings the largest full service seller of residential swing sets in the world.

I invite you to experience our products in person at one of our retailers. And please, bring your experts with you. After all, only your kids can help you decide which Creative Playthings Wooden Swing Set is right for your family.

At Creative Playthings, we understand the preciousness of your children and encourage you to spend time with them when they're playing on your swing set. And please take lots of pictures... Those pre-teen years really fly by!


Donald E. Hoffman
President & CEO