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Commercial Playground Equipment: The Grand Teton Outdoor Playset

Creative Playthings Composite Playgrounds are intended for settings such as Home Owner Associations, Condominium and Apartment Complexes, Country, Beach and Tennis Clubs, Churches, Day Care Centers, Public and Private Schools, Small Town and City Parks.  They require only minimal maintenance. Systems can be designed to meet the space and budgets of any project and can be planned in stages.

Commercial Playground Features

Grand Teton Dimensions:
Actual footprint: 28' x 20'
Required Space: 40' x 32'

Grand Teton Includes:
• Two Ribbed Roofs
• Two 4' Wave Slides
• Straight Tube Slide
• Bridge with Railings
• Coil Climber
• Snake Climber
• Tree Climber
• Wall Panels
• Four 54" x 54" Platforms
• Plastisol Coated Steel Stair

Standard Play Zone (shown in blue)
Required Space: 42' x 37'
12" Borders & Spikes: 44
Wood Mulch (12" Deep): 54 cu yd
Wear Pads: 3

Contoured Play Zone (shown in red)
Required Space: 41' x 33'
12" Borders & Spikes: 35
Wood Mulch (12" Deep): 38 cu yd
Wear Pads: 3